E-Herex offers matchless opportunity in industries to help you make the aspiring entrepreneurs. The authorized center system is one of the unique & most profitable businesses in today’s World. Our Proposal aims to create authorized Centers all over India to offer our bouquet of courses from renowned institute E-Herex skill development center. We believe in innovation through offering a wide range of Branded programs at one stop that no other institute is offering in the education space. We have our own marketing, sourcing, editorial, design, all under one roof. We have the advantage of offering the best and the widest range of programs at competitive prices, while ensuring top-quality. We are equipped with an ambitious, workable plan to provide quality education to the youth of the country.

In E-Herex, we develop and deploy strategic knowledge initiatives to promote corporate excellence. The concept of franchising is based and followed on a proven method of operating a business. We believe in practices of international training fraternity employing Indian trainers, ensuring high quality at optimum cost.